Eureka DevSecOps Platform

A DevSecOps Platform for Secure Applications

The Eureka DevSecOps Platform allows you to centrally orchestrate your scanners, correlate the results, and manage your application security threats and risks* to get the most value from your tools and better identify real security issues.

* threat and risk management features are coming end of Q1 2024

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An End-to-End DevSecOps Platform

Development teams need to use many tools such as SAST, SCA, DAST and more to scan their applications for security issues during development and operation. Each tool produces its own report, often with many false positives. Teams also conduct manual activities such as threat modeling to identify security issues.

These present challenges such as additional effort and difficulty with managing multiple tools, and aggregating and correlating results from automated and manual sources to get a better view of actual threats to the application. In addition, there is a missed opportunity to better identify false positives, get more value from the investment in security, and reduce business risk.

  • Bring Your Own Scanner (BYOS) (commercial or open source)*
  • Centrally configure and orchestrate your scanners
  • Easily integrate your scanners with CI/CD pipelines*
  • Run the scanning agents inside your own environment
  • Keep the scan data in your own environment for maximum privacy
  • Correlate security issues to reduce false positives
  • Filter and push issues to your issue tracking system*
  • Join security issues to create threat scenarios and assign risk
  • Get better view of risks based on data from manual and automated processes

* Currently supporting Jira. Jenkins, GitHub Actions, and Azure DevOps Pipelines

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Why Eureka?

Get the full picture with one central application security vulnerability, threat, and risk management platform.

Risk Reduction

Central visibility results in better decisions in a shorter time, reducing business risk and reputational damage


Increase profits by saving effort spent on identifying issues, and reducing costly app fixes in production

Market Share

Win enterprise and government clients due to improved security posture of your application and better alignment with compliance frameworks such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001


Improved use of AppSec tools and reports through centralization, normalization, and correlation

Eureka DevSecOps Platform Case Study

Learn how Forward Security introduced the Eureka DevSecOps Platform into our client’s pipeline without any additional complexity and scanners into the mix, saving them a lot of time, money, and stress. They are now able to get more value from their security investment while reducing their business risk.

Correlate and Find Vulnerabilities with Ease

Eureka aggregates, normalizes, and correlates issues from manual and automated processes into a single view.

  • Correlating similar findings results in better identification of actual issues and helps avoid false-positive fatigue and reduce risk
  • Central view allows for better prioritization and focus of limited development resources
  • Combine issues from design review and pentesting with automated scans to perform threat modelling and get an accurate view of your risks

Use Popular Open-Source and Commercial Scanners

Eureka makes it easy to use a variety of application and cloud security DevSecOps tools such as SAST, SCA, and DAST etc. together. Having multiple tools and data formats can be difficult to handle by developers and prone to mistakes being made.

  • Eureka provides a normalized view of issue details reported by different scanners to allow for easier understanding and action from a single platform
  • Open-source scanners are supported out of the box and you can also bring your own licenses for commercial scanners

Track Issues in your Existing System

Eureka makes it easy to integrate with your favourite issue tracking tool such as Jira, Git Issues, or Azure DevOps.

  • Avoid having developers track issues in multiple places.
  • Keep track of your application’s security and non-security issues and tickets in one place.


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